Crazy Costume Dash at Lums Pond State Park


The Crazy Costume Dash takes place this Saturday, October 11th at Lums Pond State Park to support the Children in Nature initiative! This all-ages, all-abilities fun run/walk includes a one-miler just for kids and a 5K. Certificates will be awarded for best children’s costume, best adult’s costume and best team costume. There's a good chance I'll rock this running costume … [Read more...]

The Philadelphia Vendy Awards

The Cow  the Curd

This Saturday, June 14th, Maverick and I are headed to cover the 4th Annual Philadelphia Vendy Awards at Penn Treaty Park as members of the press. The Vendys are a competition to be named best of the best of the local food truck scene, the winners driving away with the coveted Vendy Cup. I don't know if food trucks have always been a thing and I just never noticed, but to me … [Read more...]

Pick Yo’ Own Strawberries!!! (or raspberries…)


Where: Linvilla Orchards When: 8 am-6 pm Sunday-Thursday and 8 am -7 pm Friday and Saturday (during picking season, it is recommended you call to see if there is picking that day What: Strawberry and raspberry picking! What else could you ask for in life?? Besides Neil Patrick Harris singing you a sweet melody...that would be pretty sick. But yeah! Go strawberry and … [Read more...]

Attention Bird Lovers and Citizen Scientists: Delaware Breeding Bird Atlas

baby barred owl

What follows is a press release I got in an email. This is a great way to get your kids listening and in touch with nature, while helping researchers collect data about our local wildlife! Have you ever watched a pair of robins build a nest, lay some bright turquoise eggs and then raise a family of four hungry mouths? Have you ever heard a pair of great horned owls outside … [Read more...]

Plant a Tree for Your Valentine

tree farm

  Show them how your love can grow! Order a bare root tree from the Delaware Center for Horticulture. Last day for orders is February 17, and the trees (measuring 6 – 12 feet tall, but light enough for a child to carry) can be picked up at TheDCH in Wilmington on March 21st or March 22nd, between 9am and 5pm. Must be pre-paid. A free Planting & Caring for Bare … [Read more...]

DE Annual Acorn Collection Day October 1st

acorn collection day

It's that time of year again! Volunteers are still needed for the 7th Annual Acorn Collection Day taking place on Saturday, October 1st. “We have quite a few volunteers signed up, but we could definitely use more. More volunteers mean more acorns – and more oak trees in the future,” said Lynne Staub, event coordinator for Acorn Collection Day. “Oak trees expand wooded areas … [Read more...]

Review and Video: Z-Curve Bow and Zing-Shot Launcher


The child amidst his baubles is learning the action of light, motion, gravity, muscular force… -Ralph Waldo Emerson NOTE: This review is cross-posted at I thought it would be nice to keep all our kid reviews in one place :) Hey! Your kids bored yet? Mine were singing the "I'm bored" blues maybe three days into summer vacation. The good … [Read more...]

Fish-For-Free Day in PA September 5


Residents and non-residents of Pennsylvania can get one last day of fishing in before the school year starts in earnest-- Tomorrow, September 5th (Labor Day) is PA’s second Fish-for-Free Day in 2011. NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED to fish on all Pennsylvania's waterways. All other fishing regulations still apply.     … [Read more...]

Roughing It or Not-So-Roughing It: Delaware Deals on Camping or Cottages


Attention campers! Great deal alert: Stay 2 weeknights at Killens Pond State Park, and get 4 free Killens Pond Water Park passes and 2 free boat rentals. Stay 2 weeknights at Lums Pond State Park, and get 4 free passes to Fort Delaware State Park and 2 free boat rentals. Stay 2 weeknights at Trap Pond State Park, and get 4 free passes to the Killens Pond Water Park and … [Read more...]