Family Fun Delaware Summer Bucket List 2013

kids summer bucket list

  So, since every year I get arguments over what I mean by summer bucket list, allow me to clarify: I'm not implying that I'm gonna kick the bucket, or my kids are gonna kick the bucket. These are the things the kids want to do before SUMMER kicks the bucket: that is, before September 22nd at 4:44pm EST. OK?         A … [Read more...]

what is friendship?


  Cassidy says: To get a friend you must help them and be nice to them. Here is a list of things they do. Friends play together, eat together, and sit together. Friends talk to each-other, walk together, and help each-other. Friends run together, go to classes together, and go on playdates together. Friends text each-other, call each-other, and dress up … [Read more...]

The Elton Boys’ Prize-Winning Video

I don't think we ever mentioned that the kids made a video with their FyrFlyz for Time to Play Mag that won them $500. The boys did this all by themselves, top to bottom, from conception to video to edit to the music playing in the background-- I never saw it until it was submitted as an entry. Mav used the iMovie skillz he picked up at Apple camp and Jake worked the Garage … [Read more...]

Creative Costume Competition at Goodwill


Attention Halloween fans of Delaware and Delaware County: Buy two or more items from your local Goodwill (receipt must be dated Oct 1st-31st) Make a killer costume Upload a photo to Goodwill's Facebook page Win. Maybe. If you're awesome. First place winner takes home an iPad 2; Second place an iTouch; Third place a $100 Goodwill gift card (this is what I'm hoping … [Read more...]

Mom Review: Real Steel

real steel evangeline lilly

  Hey everybody, remember how fun this was?   Now you can revisit the fun of punching, jabbing, head popping-offing robots, only in high-tech CGI and on the big screen! That may feel like sarcasm, but it's not. The best part of Real Steel is seriously the robot-on-robot fight action. As my 28yo brother said, this movie could've been two hours longer and I'd … [Read more...]