Delaware Humane’s Rubber Duck Race

rubber ducky

I missed this the first time around, so I'm excited to have it come around again! "Adopt" a rubber duck to place in the 2nd Annual Rubber Duck Race to support the Delaware Humane. Then, come to Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park on September 17th to watch 10,000 ducks race down the Christina River. The ducks will be dropped into the water from the Market Street Bridge around … [Read more...]

Pixar in a Box Free Online Curriculum

Pixar in a Box

So this is pretty cool: Khan Academy has launched Pixar in a Box, a behind-the-scenes look at Pixar Animation Studios’ creative process. The free online curriculum shows how Pixar filmmakers use science, technology, engineering, art and math to create their movie magic. Pixar in a Box is designed especially for middle and high school students, but the series of video … [Read more...]

Where, When and Why to Watch the Perseid Meteor Showers

night sky

From mid-July until late August, the Earth passes through the debris of the Swift-Tuttle comet. The Perseid meteor shower starts to peak around the 10th, and the overnight hours into the 13th this year is promised to be your best chance to catch sight of a falling star: about 50 should be lighting up the sky per hour, but in rural areas with little light pollution you could see … [Read more...]

Adoption Fees Waived on “Clear the Shelters” Day

shelter dog

  This is our Jimmy, aka The Dogness. We adopted him nearly six years ago, after the loss of our beloved lab mix, because even though we had three cats at the time the house just didn't feel right without a dog. Jimmy would have been easy to overlook. Unlike most dogs at the shelter, he didn't come running up eagerly when we passed by his cage. But that day, a … [Read more...]

Fun House of Science at the Delaware State Fair


  The Delaware State Fair starts this week and it's gonna be HOT. We've got the skinny on a way to get cool while you're at the fair! The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control invites you to DNREC’s Fun House of Science. All visitors will be given a Game Book that engages visitors in science activities and experiments; visit the … [Read more...]

Born in 1980? Free Admission to Sesame Place

sesame place big bird

Born in 1980? So was Sesame Place! Celebrate turning 35 with Sesame by visiting during the week of their birthday, July 27, 2015 - August 2, 2015. You'll get FREE admission! Just head to Guest Relations with a valid photo ID to receive your free single-day admission ticket. First time visiting? Check out our Sesame Place tips here. Limit one single-day admission ticket … [Read more...]

I Scream, You Scream… for Free Good Humor Ice Cream

good humor ice cream

Who likes ice cream on a summer's day? Who likes it when the ice cream is FREE? If you're in Philly between now and August 2nd, keep your eyes peeled for the modernized Good Humor truck: it's been updated with 6 digital screens showing live social media feeds, a live menu board reflecting availability and a music/PA system. Here's where the Philly Joy Squad is … [Read more...]

Buy Two, Get One Night of Camping Free

Camp Two Nights

  Camping is an inexpensive way to get the kids outside and create memories that last. When I was a kid, I saw all sorts of things in the early mornings while camping that I'd never been exposed to before: squirrels scolding overhead, chipmunks darting around, deer just outside our window. For this city kid, those memories meant enough that I went on to move to a rural … [Read more...]