Strawberry Shortcake DVD Review: Berry Brick Road and Bloomin’ Berry Garden

Strawberry Shortcake

Cass Says: I got a movie in the mail.The first movie was called Berry Brick Road. The second movie was called Bloomin Berry Garden. Bloomin Berry Garden is a good movie. The first part of Bloomin Berry Garden is a adventure, the second is a mystery, and the third is a problem. One part of Berry Brick Road is like the Wizard of Oz but the good witch is Plum Pudding, the … [Read more...]

Review and Giveaway! Strawberry Shortcake: Growing Up Dreams

growing up dreams

Cassidy's take: I got to watch Strawberry Shortcake: Growing Up Dreams. In the first show Strawberry Shortcake tells Custard about once when Gingersnap dreams about becoming an astronaut and going to another planet and meeting new creatures. I want to be maybe a teacher when I grow up, I wouldn't want to be an astronaut because I don't want to fall into any black holes! In … [Read more...]



Once I was at Harrah's for no reason. I was in a dinner. There was string tied around burgers. The burgers were very weird. But I took one anyway. I had so much food. I ate a lot of food. Except my burger. I thought about what to eat after my meal at the strange dinner. But I couldn't see from where I was sitting, so I had to see when I got over to the desserts. When I … [Read more...]

Review: The Costume Trunk


Someone sent me a book (The Costume Trunk) and I don't know who. Here is what it's about. Once there was a girl and it was her birthday. The girl found a costume trunk. When she opened it she got in. When she got out, she ¬†was a princess. So all of her friends got in. The place was filled with costumed kids. Two boys were playing on the trunk when the trunk opened again. … [Read more...]

Mr. Popper’s Penguins (Kid & Mom Movie Review)


Once me and mom were watching MR. POPPERS PENGUINS without Jake and Mav and Dad (they were seeing Green Lantern), some parts were really funny. Mr. Popper tried to teach the penguins to do step ball change with WORD in it. I like it because that is so funny. It was also funny when Mr. Popper slid a penguin named Captain down the hall. Another funny part was when … [Read more...]

Family Friendly AC: the crazy statue thingy

lucy the elephant

Once we were at Atlantic City and I was in the car for no reason. So I started deep thinking. That hour, I fell asleep. Hours later, Mom was shaking me. That minute, I awoke. I was SOOOOOOOOO confused. But it felt exciting, and crazy. But I like crazy things so I unbuckled and went out of the car. There was a gift shop. We got¬†tickets from the gift shop for the crazy thing. … [Read more...]