Kids with the PhanaticDelaware To Do is an in-progress site of things to do, fun to be had, sights to see and good stuff to eat in Delaware and surrounding areas. Events will be listed and added to the calendar on an ongoing basis, and reviews will be provided when possible. Our primary focus will be northern Delaware, but we’ll also be providing info on the greater Philadelphia area, and any others that we consider viable candidates for daytrips or weekend getaways.

We’ll post any relevant sales and deals as time allows, giving preference to local, “green,” and family-owned businesses but not excluding national chains. We’re a family of five and well aware of how expensive life in this area can get. Family budgets will always be a factor in what we choose to post. (That being said, sometimes you gotta splurge… kids don’t stay kids forever.)

In addition, we’ll be posting ways to find family fun wherever you are: science experiments, craft ideas, movie & book reviews, game & toy reviews, kid-centric recipes, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

The Elton family is based in Landenberg PA, straddling the DE-PA-MD tricorner. We are fairly recent transplants to Pennsylvania and still spend the bulk of our time in Delaware: the Home of Tax-Free Shopping, the First State, the Small Wonder, a Place to Be Somebody.

This website is primarily a summer project taken on by the elder Elton children to keep them busy and using their verbal skills while Mom works from home. Many opinions provided will come from a child point of view- be sure to check out who authored each post!

Maverick LorikeetROBIN ELTON: also known as (Honey Badger) Mom. Social media manager, freelance copywriter, mom blogger. Age 38, if anyone really wants to know.

JACOB: age 17. Likes soccer, the mall, and his iPod touch. Dislikes wussies and chores.

MAVERICK: age 14. Likes football, food, and animals. Dislikes Jacob and school.

CASSIDY: age 10. Likes soccer, reading, and school. Dislikes spiders and cleaning her room.

JEFF: also known as Dad. Not likely to author any posts, but he gets sad when we don’t mention him.

THE DOGNESS: His name is Jimmy and he also likes to be included. Who knows, he may have an opinion to offer from time to time. We adopted Jimmy from the Delaware Humane last October.

KARMA: Our Saint Bernard puppy. Karma was born a full 36 hours after her brothers and sisters. We thought that meant she was a medical miracle, but now we suspect she might just be dumb. We love her anyway.

We are PR friendly!

  • If you have info on a venue or event, deal or discount;
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please let us know via our contact form or email us at delawaretodo {at} gmail {dot} com.