February at White Clay Creek State Park

Update: Nature classes 2/11 have been canceled due to expected snow.

Saturday Feb 11th 10:15 to 11 am at the Nature Center:

  • snowballNature Babies – For kids under 2 years / $4 per child
  • Nature Nuggets- For kids 2 & 3 years / $5 per child
  • Nature Explorers – For kids 4 to 6 years / $5 per child

Also on Saturdays March 10th, April 14th, May 19th. Guardian must accompany each child.


Constellation Hike: Friday February 17th, 7 pm

  • Search the sky for Gemini, Orion and other winter constellations along the open trails of Carpenter Recreation Area.
  • $4 per person


Winter Tea & House Tour at Judge Morris Estate: Saturday February 18th, 2 pm

  • $12 per person.


Winter Adventure Rangers Minicamp for Kids: Monday, February 20th

  • 8:30 – 3:30 pm
  • Ages 6-11
  • $35 per day

Day of learning about the park and its wildlife and how it is protected. Fun activities + meet a guest who will teach about wildlife in the park.

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