Review: The Costume Trunk

Someone sent me a book (The Costume Trunk) and I don’t know who. Here is what it’s about.

Once there was a girl and it was her birthday. The girl found a costume trunk. When she opened it she got in. When she got out, she  was a princess. So all of her friends got in.

The place was filled with costumed kids. Two boys were playing on the trunk when the trunk opened again. So all of the kids went inside and closed the lid.

They ended at a great place. They went to blue sky stage, where two girls did a play. At cuddles pet place, they played with some pets. At lake of a dog bone, they sailed to the other end. At sunshine garden, they picked and watered flowers. At tower mountain they had a party. At sunset at the clubhouse, they went home.

It was a great adventure.


Note from Robin: As a member of From Left to Write online book club, I received a complimentary copy of Bob Fuller’s The Costume Trunk; you can read my post inspired by the story here. Cass’s review was her own idea.

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