Family Friendly Atlantic City

harrahs atlantic city

So a couple weeeeeeeeekends ago we went to Atlantic City on a blogger trip.

Ok, first off: casinos are scary as flahooey. I would walk through, (because every place in the giant of a building required us to walk through a casino) and feel really out of place. It was weird. They could smoke in some parts, which felt really strange, because it felt like I really wasn’t supposed to be there, like I was in a bar or something (which technically, I was).

So when we first arrived at Harrah’s, we went to lunch with the other blogger- people at The Steakhouse. There were sandwiches wrapped in string, which was neato, and the seats were comfy.

After that, we went to our room, which was really nice.

harrahs atlantic city waterfront
It had a bathroom consisting of two rooms, one for the toilet and one for the shower, which had a bench in it, which is kind of gross and kind of cool.

For dinner (food court in Harrah’s), we got Primo’s pizza, which was not your average pizza. It was really GOOD pizza. Then we got ice cream, and I got the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Snack from Ben & Jerry’s (vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and crunchy fudge covered potato chip clusters, YUM).

ben and jerrys harrahs

The next day, we went to lots of places, such as an IMAX theater at the Tropicana to see a movie about coral reefs (Coral Reef Adventures), a 6-story elephant named Lucy, an aquarium, and the boardwalk which was my second favorite part.

atlantic city boardwalk

"I wish I was... big."

My FAVORITE part was going to the Hard Rock Café on the boardwalk. It was really neat there, and we had a particularly cool waiter. It had all this stuff on the walls, with all the old guitars, and music that isn’t bad, and weird outfits that rockers have worn at shows.

So that was Atlantic City in 2 days. I’d give it an 8.5/10.

hard rock cafe ac

Disclosure: Harrah’s Resort & Hotel in Atlantic City provided Bloggers at the Beach guests with hotel accommodations, including the Harrah’s Family Fun Center, so that we could experience the family-friendly aspects of the hotel. All opinions are our own. You can check out other bloggers’ posts about our weekend together at Family Friendly AC.


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    Sounds like a fun trip. I also hate being forced to walk through casinos. Some cruises are like that and by the time I make it to dinner I smell like smoke and I’m not a smoker. It’s also tough when you are with kids. Unfortunately people who do enjoy gambling usually want to be able to smoke in the casino… The water and ball court looks really nice and your room looked huge. Glad you had fun!

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