Haircuts. Colour Roxx Rocks at Those.

jake needs a haircut

I don’t like having short hair. I also don’t like that “I hope my haircut turns out good” feeling called optimism. Because of these fun facts about me, I don’t like haircuts. But sometimes you have to get one, because your hair looks all silly and bushy, or you threw rocks at an abandoned bird house, or some crazy kahooey like that.

But when I have to get a haircut, I like to go to Colour Roxx. The people there are really cool with their rainbow hair and madonna piercings, they ask your opinion on how they’re doing every 30 seconds, and have Dr. Octopus working receptionist. (LOL JK he doesn’t work he’s in jail.)



after haircut(Robin talking now) Getting the boys’ hair cut has always been an ordeal because it seemed like places that cut kids’ hair only knew three styles: high and tight, the Moe bowl cut, or the wicked mullet. We didn’t want high and tight, so we were always walking out with the Moe or the mullet and fixing it at home.

Colour Roxx is really the only place that consistently gives the boys decent cuts that fit their heads & personalities. They are also the only place that gets that when I’m asking for red highlights, I’m not looking for it to look natural (but I still want to look presentable).

Fun place, fun hair, great staff. Leslie and Heather get our 4-star personal recommendations.


Colour Roxx is located off Paper Mill Rd in the Shoppes at Louviers. They do nails, spa services & massages but we don’t have any feedback about any of that.

‘Like’ them on Facebook; they sometimes will offer a discount on services if appointments open up last-minute.

What is your favorite salon in Delaware?



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